Greater China Club – Happy Easter 大公館 – 復活節活動

Greater China Club – Happy Easter

Easter – a holiday overflowing with happiness! You and/or your kids can savour the taste of a variety of food dishes at Greater China Club. This year, upon spending $200 or more at Greater China Club on April 15th, you and/or your kids will be invited to participate in a series of free activities, including a magic froth performance and an Easter bunny balloon making class on the rooftop garden of Greater China Club. In addition to this, we will be placing a photo booth on our rooftop garden for you to capture the moment and keep it as a memento.

大公館 – 復活節活動
復活節洋溢歡樂氣氛外,於大公館更有各式美食相伴,大人小朋友同樣喜愛。現凡於4月15日午巿在大公館個人平均消費滿$200元,即可免費到大公館天台花園參與多款活動,包括: 魔術泡泡表演及教授捏製趣緻復活兔氣球,另外,天台花園更擺放了照片展台,歡迎會員拍照留念。

Greater China Club Home-made XO Chili Sauce 180g 大公館山珍XO醬 180克

Greater China Club Home-made XO Chili Sauce is always been widely acclaimed. Executive Chef Chan Wai Ting, based on his profession and highly request on food, selects a series of uncultivated wild mushroom, such as Matsutake, Porcini, Catathelasma, Chanterelle, dried Scallion, Garlic, Chili, dried Shrimp, Jinhua Ham and other ingredients putting into its unique recipe. This home-made XO Sauce is such an exquisite art, rich taste, creamy mouthfeel, exceptionally good for paring dainty cuisine and really making foods finger-licking good.

Price per bottle: Member- $168 Non member- $188

Enjoy the tastiest Seafood cuisine in town with absolutely best pricing at the Greater China Club 於大公館以絕佳價格享用絕佳海鮮!!!

This season, Greater China Club has featured wide range of live seafood cuisine such as Leopard coral trout, Outsized blue crab, Jumbo mantis shrimp, South Africa abalone as well as Ireland Razor clam,.… etc for our Premier members. Helmed by Executive Chef Chan Wai Ting with selected quality live seafood are exclusively for our premier member at absolutely best pricing.

For reservations: 2743 8055

A brand new menu from Cadenza-The Greater China Club for our Premier members 大公館Cadenza為會員呈上全新菜單!!!

The Greater China Club- Cadenza, helmed by the renowned European Chef Juanjo, who has extensive experience in European cuisine, is now presented his newly created bespoke authentic Italian & European menu for our Premier members. Including Lobster ‘’ Arancini ‘’ deep fried red lobster risotto with Home-made head lobster juice, French quail risotto with artichoke and a touch of black truffle, Whole grilled Boston lobster with vegetables and Cadenza hollandaise sauce, Our “Surf and Turf” French spring chicken with Mediterranean red prawn,…etc and various tasty choices are for your selection. All dishes ingredients are highly selected and fine- prepared exclusively for our Premier members under the Italian & European atmosphere at Cadenza.

For reservation and enquiries, please contact us at 2743 8055