GCC – Highflying Dining Etiquette Workshop 大公館工作坊: 餐桌禮儀篇

GCC – Highflying Dining Etiquette Workshop
Showing proper etiquette in business social occasions benefits business relations, and gives a good first impression on customers or partners. Through good business etiquette that can also help improve corporate image, receive customer appreciation and recognition. What’s more good etiquette helps resolve conflicts.

On 12th Aug, GCC is arranging a Dining Etiquette Workshop especially for our Premier members. We have invited an International Business Etiquette Consultant, Ms Fionz Chan, to hold this workshop. The workshop includes how to master personal image on basic table manners and etiquette, basic tableware set rules and proper usage, key and main point of ordering, how to handle various dishes and be a welcome guest…etc. We aim to share with our premier members all the above international dining etiquette within the couple of hours, further to become a welcome guest.

Date: 12th August, 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 14:30-17:00
Venue: Greater China Club, Unit A, 10/F, D2 Place, 9 Cheung Yee Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
Fee: HK$680 per person
For reservation and enquiries, please contact us on 2743 8055
(Remarks: This workshop is conducted in Cantonese)

大公館工作坊: 餐桌禮儀篇
大公館於八月十二日特別為會員舉辦餐桌禮儀篇的工作坊,邀請到國際禮儀培訓師~Fionz Chan陳沁妶商務禮儀顧問親臨開講。工作坊內容包括如何處理個人基礎餐桌禮儀形象、各種餐具的正確用法、點菜的要領、各種料理如何食用及如何成為受歡迎的客人等等。務求讓出席會員於幾小時內可掌握到國際餐桌禮儀,更可成為受歡迎的客人。

日期: 二零一七年八月十二日(週六) 時間:下午二時三十分至五時正
地點:荔枝角長義街9號D2 Place 1期10樓A號舖 大公館
報名或查詢詳情,請致電 2743 8055

Wild Mushroom Menu (Mushroom coming from Yunnan, Italy and France) at Man Hing, The Greater China Club “來自雲南、意大利及法國等….環球養生菇菌” 盡在大公館萬慶

Wild Mushroom Menu (Mushroom coming from Yunnan, Italy and France) at Man Hing, The Greater China Club
It is mushroom season! Diners can enjoy the delicate fragrance of mushroom with the freshest taste this season. Mushroom contains high nutritive value. No matter what kind of cooking method like stir-fry, steam, pan-fry and deep-fry are all suitable for making mushroom delicacies which can also keep their intrinsic flavors and savor. Greater China Club Man Hing brings you the seasonal wild mushrooms from the Kingdom of Mushrooms, Yunnan, Italy, and France…etc., this month. Executive Chef Chan Wai Ting specially prepares an unique Mushroom menu. Recommendation dishes including Double-boiled matsutake mushrooms soup with sea whelk and winter melon, Wok-fried catathelasma mushrooms with fresh abalones and Sautéed sliced beef shank with black termite mushrooms, etc. Hope to bring our premier members another seasonal selection.
To savor in these famous edible mushrooms, please call 2743 8055 for reservations.

“來自雲南、意大利及法國等….環球養生菇菌” 盡在大公館萬慶
訂座電話及查詢:2743 8055

Exquisite Golden Mooncake‧Here you Go! 矜貴心意此中尋、萬千寵愛在一身

Exquisite Golden Mooncake‧Here you Go!

Greater China Club has prepared artfully crafted mooncakes only using the finest ingredients; make the best gift for this Mid-autumn Festival. Members can get early bird privilege for Pre-order at member price starting from 1 July 2017 to 31 August 2017. For enquiry: 2743 8055


中秋將至,花好月圓。大公館自去年首度推出中秋金黃月餅,深受會員愛戴,推出數週,即已售罄。今年再接再厲,特別預備了精緻矜貴的金黃月餅,以上乘選料用心製成,味香質滑,為佳節賀禮首選。會員更可享有早鳥優惠,以會員價優先於7月1日至8月31日期間預訂。查詢及預訂: 2743 8055

The most popular “Yayakiya” menu is now relaunching at Umai Laichikok 極受歡迎「八燒鳥屋」菜色重現荔枝角鵜舞

The most popular “Yayakiya” menu is now relaunching at Umai Laichikok

The most popular authentic HAKATA Yakitori, “Yayakiya” menu is now launching at Umai. Starting from July, every Sunday till Thursday, dining at Umai can enjoy 15% off discount on all food items. For GCC member, other than the member privilege discount 10% off, can get an extra 10% off (excluding beverage)

Chief Chef Shimoji presents his signature “Hakata Yakitori Tour”. We are surely to bring you for an unforgettable Fukuoka Izakaya experience.

For reservations and enquiries, please contact us on 2743 8011.


正宗博多風串燒「八燒鳥屋」之菜色由7月起,現於星期日至四惠顧”鵜舞” 更可享食品85折優惠。大公館會員除享有原先9折優惠外更可享額外9折 (星期日至四,飲品除外)。


訂座電話及查詢:2743 8011