Rustico – White Diamond in the Forest – White Truffle 森林中的鑽石—白松露

Rustico – White Diamond in the Forest – White Truffle

October marks the start of white truffle season, so called white diamond in the forest or white diamonds of the Kitchen. These names and the metaphor are very appropriate. Rare production and expensive are the supremely signifies luxury. To match the aroma of the white truffle but not to be able to snatch its rich taste, it is really a kind of culinary art.

This year, Rustico Chef Carlos Salvador Asensio is presenting a menu of White truffle dishes featured on the a la carte menu. Notable dishes include Jerusalem Artichoke Mash with Fresh Mushroom Ragout and Seared Foie Gras, Fresh White Asparagus with Butter Creamy Sauce,…etc. White Truffle, Foie Gras and Caviar are rated the most precious food in the world. Just a butter cream topped with shaved white truffles, simple but out of the ordinary. For Reservations and Enquiries, please call 2743 4511.

Rustico 森林中的鑽石—白松露


Rustico 總廚Carlos Salvador Asensio今年為人客帶來多款白松露菜式,包括: 香煎鵝肝伴菊芋泥及野菌蓉及牛油忌廉汁鮮白露荀等等…白松露菌與鵝肝及魚子醬同為「世界三大珍味」,牛油忌廉汁再配上白松露片,簡單而不平凡。立即致電2743 4511訂座。

Greater China Club Annul Dinner and Spring Dinner menus 大公館週年晚宴及春茗盛宴

Greater China Club Annul Dinner and Spring Dinner menus

Celebrate delightfully together with families, friends and business partners for the successful year and the prosperous New Year, Man Hing has prepared a selected series of Annual/ Spring Dinner packages with using only the finest ingredients for our guests and members. 3 auspicious delicacies packages at privilege price HK$7,888, HK$8,888, HK$9,888 respectively per table for 12 persons.
For reservations and enquiries, please call 2743 8055.


萬慶軒即將推出多款週年/團年晚宴及春茗聯歡菜譜。上乘細緻的中式佳餚,匯聚了矜貴食材的宴會套餐,配合殷勤的服務及完善的設備,讓各位與家人、朋友、以至同事及商業伙伴分享過去一年的豐收成果及迎接新一年的來臨,渡過一個盡興如意的晚上!三款意頭十足的應節春茗盛宴,分別以優惠價每席只需$7,888、$8,888及 $9,888,供12位享用。
訂座及查詢:2743 8055。

Greater China Club Mid-Autumn Gathering 大公館中秋共團圓

Greater China Club Mid-Autumn Gathering

Mid-Autumn Festival at Greater China Club, take pleasure in the Full moon at the mean time to attend the magical lantern exhibitions and carnivals in homage to Mid-

Autumn Festival. This year 4th & 5th October, member and his/her friends can savor the taste of a variety of BBQ prepared from our Chief Chef at the privilege price ; member $538 (age under 6 years old $288), non-member $638 (age under 6 years old $338). In addition to this, we will have lantern riddle quizzes with prizes and games, and will be placing a photo booth on our roof garden for you to capture the moment and keep it as a memento. These lively warm activities bring the difference for the jubilation traditional Mid-Autumn festival here in Greater China Club.

For Reservation & enquiry: 2743 8055


中秋節於大公館,戶外感受秋風送爽,欣賞璀璨夜色,與綵燈會的花燈相輝映。在這月圓人團圓的佳節,會員跟親朋好友歡聚,於十月四及五日晚上,享用總廚精心安排的特色BBQ; 會員價$538 (6歲以下小童$288),非會員價$638 (6歲以下小童$338)、並參與有獎猜燈謎活動及免費應節攝影佈景位置供免費拍照。這些熱鬧溫馨的活動,為喜慶的傳統節日添上新意與活力,也帶來不一樣的道地中秋色彩!

訂座及查詢: 2743 8055

Enthusiastic response! Limited quantity of GCC Mooncake offer for ordering 【反應熱烈!月餅預訂優惠再加推少量限額!】

Enthusiastic response! Limited quantity of GCC Mooncake offer for ordering

Due to the overwhelming response of the pre-ordering, in response to the public demand, we specially reserve limited quantity for your ordering. Grasp the last chance to place order for the GCC Mooncake, “White Lotus Seed Paste Moon-cake with 2 Egg Yolks”-4pcs set or “Mini Egg Custard Moon-cake”-8pcs set.

The gift box is custom designed with a pair of Traditional Chinese Red Door as signature, full of Classic and gorgeous. It is a fantastic gift to friend and share with the happiness.

For Reservation & enquiry, please call us at 2743 8055.


由於預定反應熱烈,徇眾要求下再預留少量預定限額, 數量有限,目前快將售罄。把握最後機會以預訂價購買「大公館」「雙黃白蓮蓉月餅」(4件裝)或「迷你奶黃月餅」(8件裝)!月餅禮盒設計經典華麗,以標誌性的紅色大門作為禮盒造型,不論是送贈摯友;或與親友樂聚一堂分享天倫喜悅,均是窩心體面之選。 如欲查詢或訂購,請致電(852)2743-8055。